The capital of Mato Grosso’s state, Cuiaba is located in the centre of South America. Known as The green city (due to its big number of trees), Cuiaba is one of the 12 cities that will host the Fifa’s World Cup in 2014 representing Pantanal.

cuiaba antiga

Founded in 1719, Cuiaba was famous for its big amount of gold-digging areas.  One of the hottest cities in Brazil, Cuiaba gathers 3 ecosystems: Pantanal, Cerrado e Amazon. It has a very rich culture, with different kinds of food, music and dance! The basis of Cuiaba’s Culinary is Fish. Pacu, Pintado, Caxara – are some examples of the typical kinds of fish we can find here (Legend says whoever eats the Pacu’s head, never leaves Cuiaba).  Other dishes are Mandioc, banana and Mandioc Flour. Some tropical and exotic fruits are also found in abundance in Cuiaba such as Pequi, Cashew, Mangoes.

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