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Alquiler de habitaciones – cerca de la Arena Pantanal! (400 metros)

Habitaciones en alquiler para durante la copa del mundo!


410,00 reales Por habitacion – capacidad para 2 personas – cama doble;

Los niños pueden ser agregados en la misma habitación por 100/nino – hasta 2 niños.

La casa se ​​encuentra a 400 metros de la arena.

– Además de éste, hay también un pequeño apartamento en alquiler en la misma calle. (Capacidad de hasta 6 personas)

– Hay otras opciones en otras zonas de la ciudad también.

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Rooms for Rent – very close to Pantanal Arena! (400 meters)

DSC07661 DSC07663 DSC07667 DSC07669

Rooms for rent for during the world cup!

410,00 Per room – sleeps 2 people – double bed

Children can be added in the same room for 100/children – up to 2 children.

The House is located 400 meters from the arena.

– Apart from this one, there is also a Small apartment for rent in the same street. (Sleeps up to 6 people)

– There are other options in other areas of town as well.

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A little bit about Cuiaba!



The capital of Mato Grosso’s state, Cuiaba is located in the centre of South America. Known as The green city (due to its big number of trees), Cuiaba is one of the 12 cities that will host the Fifa’s World Cup in 2014 representing Pantanal.

cuiaba antiga

Founded in 1719, Cuiaba was famous for its big amount of gold-digging areas.  One of the hottest cities in Brazil, Cuiaba gathers 3 ecosystems: Pantanal, Cerrado e Amazon. It has a very rich culture, with different kinds of food, music and dance! The basis of Cuiaba’s Culinary is Fish. Pacu, Pintado, Caxara – are some examples of the typical kinds of fish we can find here (Legend says whoever eats the Pacu’s head, never leaves Cuiaba).  Other dishes are Mandioc, banana and Mandioc Flour. Some tropical and exotic fruits are also found in abundance in Cuiaba such as Pequi, Cashew, Mangoes.

More about its culinary, tourism sites will be posted soon!

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Welcome to Cuiaba

Hi everyone!
My names is Leticia, I live in Cuiaba.
I decided to create this blog after reading a lot of posts of how it can be hard to get packages (Hotels, Tours) all over Cuiaba. In this blog, I’ll try to help with tips of what to do while in Cuiaba, and also help out with booking, and everything else you’d like to do, while in Cuiaba.

Let’s have some fun blogging! 🙂